After the events of New Marais, the Beast, Cole MacGrath and the RFI conduits have literally extincted. those with the gene active or inactive died. People were all celebrating that the plague was gone just happy to be alive, of course they knew what Cole has done for them so that they would be cured so they made him the Patrion saint of New Marais honouring his death.

But the RFI did not exactly wipe out all conduits, it left some "side-effects". A mysetrious orginization called The Eye has sent scientists to retrieve these things they called energy cores, that were left out after the RFI was used. After studying these cores, they discovered that they caused the re-exsistence of the conduit gene, you see they started to spread in plants, air and water these all enter humans' and animals' systems so the conduit gene started to re-appear. Basically if the RFI wiped out all those who possessed the gene then this means that no children might inheriate the gene from a parent or from some one in the family tree, so if the cores recreated the gene and it started to appear in people again then that means that conduits might re-exists.

The Eye rushed to work creating a Third Ray Sphere! Yes a third one, they had connections to the First Sons and to Richard Tate, so after the destruction of the First Sons, they got their hands on their technology and documents secret ones. They soon started to make experiments on animals that had the gene, trying to activate it. Rats, fish, cows and lizards they were all test subjects. However they failed everytime, the animals just blew up. So they needed to make a more stable Ray Sphere, which they did using blast cores they found. Then it started to work mutating rats into gigantic monsterous rats! soon this worked on all the other test subjects, eventually they needed human test subjects!

Tyler Lesedi_Condutis Reborn!:-

Tyler Lesedi was an ordinary 14 year old boy in the ninth grade, he was smart, intellegint and was a great soccer player -defender-. But beeing smart made him a target from bullies. Well he visited a friend of his mother (another Marine biologist like her) named Doctor Alfred Zekery. He wanted to be jus like him when he grew up. He helped the doctor everyday with his work while learning too, until one day when he was kidnapped by some people with guns at home, he lost consiounse after being druged by them. He woke up to find himself in the middle of a Spot-light, sitting on a chair infront of a shadowy figure wearing trigogel glasses. To be contioued

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