aka Mohamed

  • I live in Egypt
  • My occupation is Conduit (neutral karma)
  • I am Male
  • Alctraz97

    After the events of the explosion, Neo city was falling apart the same way Empire city did! Ever since Tyler unleashed his powers destroying the the third Ray Sphere, many conduits were being made and not all of them were trying to understand their powers like people who have a mind would! No, no some took this opportunity to extract revenge, take over the city or even to take all the food that is being supplied from the government; since there is a quarantine. Yes a quarantine, the government made this one really heavy; putting many guards with advanced weapons and other equipments anything to prevent any living creature to pass Wroth gate and Wroth bridge.

    Every week, several Choppers arrive dropping huge food boxes and water for the civi…

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  • Alctraz97

    After the events of New Marais, the Beast, Cole MacGrath and the RFI conduits have literally extincted. those with the gene active or inactive died. People were all celebrating that the plague was gone just happy to be alive, of course they knew what Cole has done for them so that they would be cured so they made him the Patrion saint of New Marais honouring his death.

    But the RFI did not exactly wipe out all conduits, it left some "side-effects". A mysetrious orginization called The Eye has sent scientists to retrieve these things they called energy cores, that were left out after the RFI was used. After studying these cores, they discovered that they caused the re-exsistence of the conduit gene, you see they started to spread in plants, a…

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