Alareiks here and yep, the inFamous 2 UGC update dubbed as Update 3 is now live! This one is a little meaty, as it brings us:

  • Two new bosses placeable in the UGC: The Titan and Devourer! The possibilities with these are crazy. Make them friends, enemies, allies of Cole or even force them on a Militia and watch how he handles! It will garauntee you a laugher!
  • Mission linking: There's a lot of series of missions in the inFamous 2 community. Sadly, if you played one mission, we've always been forced to either hope we find the second, or look it up ourselves. Very, very annoying. But, now, your pain has been spared! Creators can now make their missions linked to other missions! This will allow for long series of missions without forcing the player to actually find all your missions again and again.
  • Reviews: You want people to tell you what they think about your missions? Or do have you ever found a mission and thought "man, he should improve that!" only to remember ... you cannot tell him!! No worries now, people! Now, you can actually review UGC missions! So, what are you waiting for! Give my missions good reviews!
  • Minor tweaks: There has also been some minor tweaks and improvements to how some logic function. These are:
    • Relative Health: You can now change Health and Cole's Energy modifiers as percentages.
    • Volume and Monitor logic: Volume and Monitor logic now has a Rest option, that -- when triggered -- resets the object so that it can be triggered again.
    • Author Mission Search: And last, and possibly least, search results now also display the author's name.

Like this tasty package? You should! Get out and create some UGC, and don't forget to update the UGC articles here on the wiki! Cheers!

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Thanks to Bcraggen for informing us of this update!

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