Okey, we europeans may not have gotten the game yet, neither but in US they have. Sure, some has gotten the game early, but screw that - inFamous 2 is now officially released! Happy? Well, you should be.


The Wiki will be filled with edits, and we're revamping and merging the John White page with The Beast, so look forward to that!


We're also going to revamp Zeke page, and the Cole page is also getting revamped, soon released with, if you ask me, EPIC content! Oh, don't forget to edit and add inFamous 2 info, we need it! There is also storming in reviews on the web, nearly every one of them telling us inFamous 2 is the pure, epic superhero (or supervillian) game! Keep editing, and get to job, for despite inFamous 2 may only last a couple of days for some of you, for us full-time Wiki editors, its gonna last months, if not years. Keep editing, and keep the Wiki clean.

Alareiks Admin 09:04, June 7, 2011 (UTC)

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