inFamous 2 is soon to be released! What happens now? Trophy import! Yup, if you've lost your save, you'll now still be able enjoy the perks from inFamous! You won't actually import your save game, but your online trophies, allowing you to gain these benefits:

  • Evil or Good karma trophies: Start as Thug or Guardian
  • Finnish the game at any difficulty and karma rank: Additional 1 000 XP
  • Find 25 % of the Blast Shards: 1 additional Battery Core
  • Find 50 % of the Blast Shards: 2 additional Battery Core
  • Specific trophies unlocked: alters dead drops, side-missons and dialogs in inFamous 2.

Yeah, sounds great. Actually, for those who've never finnished these trophies, or have lost them (highly unlikely, sadly I know someone who have) will have to unlock those again. Still, the only truly useful bonus here is the additional battery cores, the others being replacable by playing the game.

Anyway, some more great news? Well, first inFamosu 2 review (note: a lot of studios and company get games earlier) written by IGN, gave 9/10 to inFamous 2. Well, that's good.

Sadly, still no sign of EU getting the four additional pre-order bonuses. Sucker Punch kinda sucks (see what I did there?) but their games - they're great

EDIT: EU will get the four additional pre-order bonuses! Thanks to Steedsy for confirming. :) . Alareiks 07:03, May 29, 2011 (UTC)

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