Hi guys, Alareiks here. inFamous Wiki has now begun to update the community with Status Updates. This is the first issue, so request additional ideas in the comments.

Introducing the Chat

We're at last introducing the Wikia Chat feature to inFamous Wiki. You can, at most pages, find it to the right. The chat is a great alternative to the Talk Pages, and a chance to directly get in contact with other editors! Everyone in the Chat, with a Star badge is an Admin at inFamous Wiki. You can report vandalisms to the Admins from here, ask questions or simply chit-chat.

The navigation templates

We've introduced two new navigation templates. You should replace older navigation templates with these: {{IFNav}} for inFamous and {{IF2Nav}} for inFamous 2.

Recent revamps

These are articles recently revamped to a certain level. These are very recomended to read through.


Current projects regarding different sujects of the inFamous series. Everyone can contribute to projects, but by contacting one of the admins, one can get additional and important information on the Project, as well as requests to someone directly involved in the subject.

  • inFamous 2 Story Missions
    • Making every inFamous 2 Story Mission in its own article.
  • Faction/types
    • Making Faction/Types pages to replace unnecessary amounts of offensive resources articles.

We need help

A Wiki always need help. Here's some ideas for how you can help inFamosu Wiki

  • Improve the quality
    • By improving the quality of articles the inFamous Wiki will be much more reader-friendly. A list of some articles in need of improvement can be found furhter down the blog post.
  • Recruit friends!
    • inFamous Wiki is always happy to welcome new contributors. Feel free to invite friends also fans of the inFamous series.
  • Report Vandalism
    • Found vandalism? Don't just undo it, but report it to any of the Staff!
  • Summaries
    • If you add a summary to each of your edits, it will be a lot easier to see what you have done. Makign your edit a minor is also very helpful - of course as long as it is a minor edit.

Important articles that needs expanding

  • Kessler
    • Needs information on his meetings with Bertrand and info on DC Comics.
  • Corrupted

Important articles in need of revamp

Articles in an ongoing revamp

These articles are currently in an ongoing revamp. While the articles are freely editable, some editors are currently working on it on a greater level.

If you have any questions, just comment or leave a message at any of the inFamous Wiki Staff 's talk page! And now ... Happy Editing!

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