• Diffculty: Very Easy
  • Required programs:
    1. Web Browser
    2. Paint or any similar Graphic Editing application of your choice.

We all know how you can look up images on google, right? Well, do you want something better ... that you can't find on google? Well, then I'll tel you how. Simply follow this easy step-by-step tutorial and you should be able to take awesome pictures for inFamous Wiki in just a couple of minutes!

IMPORTANT! This tutorial is for Windows! It is possible this will work for your System but keep in mind that the tutorial is designed for Windows users!

  1. Enter [1]]
  2. Look up any video containing the image you want, such as an image of a mission.
  3. Open the video. If possible, ehance the quality of the video and increase the video's size, if you do not know how to do this or if any other reason is preventing you from so - don't worry; simply open up the video.
  4. Look up the point and picture you want as an image. Make sure to pause the video right where you want it to stay.
  5. Now, press the Print Screen button. If you cannot find it, consult an instruction manual for you type of keyboard.
  6. Boot up Paint or any other Graphic Manipulation program of your choice. Hold CTRL and V, or simply press right mouse button and press "Paste".
  7. Cut the image so that the image from the video itself fits perfectly, and does not show anything that's not supposed be there.
  8. Save your image.
  9. Upload your image to the wiki under a proper name.
  10. Done

Hope this tutorial help you - and if you have any questions, simply leave them ni the comments or simply on my talk page. Cheers!

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