Hey guys! An unofficial post here on Poll results so far. Here you go:

City of inFamous 3

  1. Las Vegas: 13
  2. London: 3
  3. Los Angeles: 2
  4. All others: 1

What powers do you use the most in inFamous 2?

  1. Bolts: 13
  2. Rockets: 5
  3. Misc Powers 4:
  4. None, I use the Amp often: 4
  5. Grenades: 3
  6. Blasts: 1

What do you think of the wiki so far? (currently active on Wiki Activity page)

  1. It's great: 12
  2. It's good: 3
  3. I hate this place: 1 (screw that guy)
  4. All others: 0

A Militia soldier is robbing your house! How do you deal with him?

  1. Beat the crap out of him with the Amp: 60
  2. Shock him with Electrokinesis: 25
  3. Restaint him and use an Ionic Power: 14
  4. Turn him into an Ice Block with Cryokinesis: 12
  5. Burn him alive with Pyrokinesis: 7

See you on the wiki, hope you enjoyed the update!

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