This is about a new UGC Content. Not about the Festival of Blood DLC pack.

You heard that right! With over 60 000 user-generated missions in inFamous 2, and a culmulative time of 51 YEARS spent playing inFamous 2 the UGC, a new content pack has been released! Yep, you heard right, all users has culmulatively spent 51 years playing inFamous 2! So, what's in the content pack? Switches and foilage.

  1. Switches allows Cole to interact with items in the world. Like a pipe valve, bombs, levers and more!
  2. Foilage is ... well, foilage. Such as bushes, trees, tree stumps, dead trees, planters and more!!

So, want to know more?

  1. Check out the blog post on Sucker Punch's own website.
  2. UGC Tutorial 1 - getting started
  3. UGC Highlited missions.

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