Hi there! Some of you may have heard of me and Idisagree. Well, now we have recently had a disussion with the admins and have now been promoted to admins. What does that mean? Well, besides from meaning that this place will get much better, it means that War_Clown might have made a mistake. Why? Because we're gonna help make this wiki so much better he won't have anything to edit left!

Now, I can't speak from Idisagree, but I know that she's been arround here for a very, very long time, as has I. I've seen this wiki rise and eventually getting worse and worse, but with the new admin this will change.

I promise you that I will help making this wiki a better place for everyone. Now, I am a new admin, so other experienced wiki admins - feel free to give me a couple of hints. ;)

If you want anything, need help etc. feel free to concact me or any of the other admins.

By the way, I just spoke for War_Clown, adding this article to the News section. So I might get fried or found dead tommorow. If I never return again, you will tell my story!

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