• Alareiks

    inFamous 2 Update 3 out now!

    September 8, 2011 by Alareiks

    Alareiks here and yep, the inFamous 2 UGC update dubbed as Update 3 is now live! This one is a little meaty, as it brings us:

    • Two new bosses placeable in the UGC: The Titan and Devourer! The possibilities with these are crazy. Make them friends, enemies, allies of Cole or even force them on a Militia and watch how he handles! It will garauntee you a laugher!
    • Mission linking: There's a lot of series of missions in the inFamous 2 community. Sadly, if you played one mission, we've always been forced to either hope we find the second, or look it up ourselves. Very, very annoying. But, now, your pain has been spared! Creators can now make their missions linked to other missions! This will allow for long series of missions without forcing the player t…
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  • Alareiks

    I can't really thank one specific user here, but the two persons I know noticed the video was Shrev64 and Hallowseve15. It is confirmed. You can actually revisit Empire City in inFamous 2. This is the closing thread of all other threads seen here, about "I visited Empire City!" or "can you visit Empire City?". The truth is revealed, and here we stand, at the End of The Road of the mystery. Want the video? Too bad!! Here you go: The Tutorial Video and a crappy video of Cole in Empire City inFamous 2

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  • Alareiks

    Hi there, guys! I know, it's been a long time since the last Status Update, but as you all know, our dear War Clown has left us and Rayne and I have been very busy lately. So, what's new here? Let's get started...

    New editors have gained a new design on their Userpages when they first join the wiki. You can find the design of the userpage here. This is what new contributors' userpages will look like from now on, until they themselves change it.

    As some of you know, we're introducing userboxes to InFamous Wiki. Currently, there is no official page for them, but some of you who are experienced with userboxes or other templates may find them labeled as and may add them to your own userpages within reasonable use.

    We've got projects introduced now!…

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  • Alareiks

    This is about a new UGC Content. Not about the Festival of Blood DLC pack.

    You heard that right! With over 60 000 user-generated missions in inFamous 2, and a culmulative time of 51 YEARS spent playing inFamous 2 the UGC, a new content pack has been released! Yep, you heard right, all users has culmulatively spent 51 years playing inFamous 2! So, what's in the content pack? Switches and foilage.

    1. Switches allows Cole to interact with items in the world. Like a pipe valve, bombs, levers and more!
    2. Foilage is ... well, foilage. Such as bushes, trees, tree stumps, dead trees, planters and more!!

    So, want to know more?

    1. Check out the blog post on Sucker Punch's own website.
    2. UGC Tutorial 1 - getting started
    3. UGC Highlited missions.

    Go edit the UGC pages an…

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  • Alareiks

    Hello there, it's me - Alareiks, and I've got some great news. A fellow editor here, Kelan517, told me that he'd heard there's coming an inFamous: DC Comics bundle of all 6 original copies! He also gave me a source, which I've posted below. The comics will be released 30th November this year and appears to cost something around 9 and a half euro. I think - although I'm not sure - the bundle may be released in more international store, so that we all can get it easily, without having to look for them all day long. I had this problem, as I'm Swedish. So, what are you waiting for? If you haven't gotten the comics already, go and pre-order the bundle now!…

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