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My fellow InFamous Wiki editors...My fellow conduits, my friends and even my enemies. a sad day. For today, we say goodbye to one of my oldest and best friends on Wikia, to the Bureaucrat that lead the fight to raise this place up from the dust that it was left in months ago, War Clown. For over a year, War Clown and I fought together against vandalists and bad editors, earning our places in the one and only Staff Board of the very popular and huge Assassin's Creed Wiki. War Clown achieved his positions first, of course, but with his support I slowly rose to where I stood earlier this morning.

However, even with my best efforts and those of other good friends of ours, War Clown's troubles slowly worsened over months. He fought against them that plagued him with a lot of effort, but today he came to us; our friends and I, over at the IRC channel we all regularly frequent and the news was delivered: He was retiring from Wikia indefinitely. Although he did mention that perhaps some day, he would return, he made it known that it would be unlikely.

I share with you now my final farewells to War Clown, as said on the IRC channel:

<Assassin-Rayne> Take care of yourself, brother.
<Assassin-Rayne> Nothing will be the same without you.
<War_Clown> Thank you, all of you. Goodbye.
<Assassin-Rayne> Half as long, brother.
<War_Clown> Twice as bright.

And with that, my best friend and the Bureaucrat of this wiki left this side of the internet - for however long, only he knows. But not, however, before one final parting gift was given. Using his abilities, War Clown transferred his power into me, giving me everything that he called his in our niche of the InFamous Wiki. I was given Admin power to raise this Wiki from the dust. But here, now, I find myself leading it. I have become the Bureaucrat. Even with my new abilities, I know I will not fill War Clown's shoes, but...I will do my best, not to fill his shoes, but be who I am, as always, and be responsible to my new position. With me now leading this wiki, I will not let any of you down.

That is my final promise to War Clown, and I will hold it. Thank You in advance, everyone. And wish War Clown safety in his travels.


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