Hello everyone, your local Bureaucrat, Assassin-Rayne here. Lately it has come to my attention that there has been an increasingly high influx of blog posts thrown about here on the InFamous Wiki. Now, while this normally wouldn't be of any concern at all, I have taken personal notice that editing of actual articles around the wiki has dropped unfavorably low in comparison to users commenting on blog posts. As I'm sure you can understand, this is a bit of an issue and I'm taking the time to address it now.

The InFamous Wiki isn't a place where you can just make a new blog post on a whim and chat about anything in particular that might strike your interest, it's supposed to be a cohesive collection of all knowledge pertaining to the InFamous series. However, for the past week I have seen nothing but new blog posts by random editors and, while I am not calling out names or pointing at the blogs, a good half of these have had either very little to nothing entirely to do with the InFamous series. Now, I understand that the concept of blog posts and the blogs themselves are a bit of a free-speech zone, but there comes a point when it just becomes stupid and my friends, my fellow editors, that point is now.

So consider this a warning or heads-up in advance: If you suddenly find your blog(s) gone, then the chances are that it has been deleted out of any number of these following four reasons:

  1. - Purely Unnecessary And Waste Of Space.
  2. - Duplicate Topic Of Another Blog.
  3. - Nothing To Do With InFamous In Topic, Neither The Series Nor The Wiki.
  4. - Fan-Fiction. (Whilst Not Restricted Off Blog Posts, I Have Seen Fan-Fiction Blogs That Are Just Ridiculously Huge.)

So again, this is a friendly heads-up to those of you out there thinking about making new blogs: Don't do it on a whim. If there is a blog already addressing a concern or possible topic that you wish to speak about, then post a comment on that blog, do not make a new one for sake of convenience. Additionally, I will be cracking down harder on users who's blogs hit any of the four reasons just stated above. I am sorry it has come to this, but the excessive creating of blogs over editing this wiki (which is why the wiki exists - to be edited and expanded) has forced my hand, here.

Have a nice day/night/morning/evening, fellow editors and friends on InFamous Wiki.

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