"For a moment there was nothing, and then he started to show me things..."
The majority of this article contains spoilers and crucial plot details from inFamous.
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Trish Reaches Out

Neon Map
Prev: No Protection
Next: Dinner with Sasha
Start: Neon District
Unlock: None
Reward: 500 XP

Trish Reaches Out is the 13th story mission in inFamous.

The MissionEdit

The CallEdit

Trish calls Cole and informs him that a crate of medical supplies have been dropped near Fisherman's Wharf. She asks Cole to protect the crate until she can retrieve it. Quickly making his way to the drop site, Cole is faced by groups of Reapers, determined to destroy the precious medical supplies.

The AssaultEdit

Cole faces wave after wave of Reapers, armed with guns, RPG’s and Mini-guns. Each wave attacking the medical crate from a different direction, attacking Cole and
Trish reaches out 3

The Turret Truck.

the crate with the same ferocity. During the battle Zeke calls Cole with a business idea, ignoring Cole’s rely that he’s busy fighting, Zeke recommends that they name his electric powers and sell tee-shirts, ending the call Zeke tells Cole to think about it, "you’re the muscle, I’m the brains". With no more distractions Cole defeats the remaining Reapers and returns to the medical crate, only to be confronted by the first of three Turret Truck.

Cole takes on the three Turret Truck that pull in to the alley as well as the new Reaper’s troops that have appeared.

Once all the Reapers are defeated, Trish will arrive, rushing out to get the supplies. After asking if she needs anymore help, Cole will inquire if "This mean we're talking again?" referring to their breakup, to which Trish replies "We'll see".


  • It is recommended Cole stays near the Medical Crate, especially on Hard difficulty. Only leave the area if an enemy is hiding.
  • Some Reapers hide behind fences, invalidating Cole's Lightning Bolt attack.
  • This is one of the few missions where an enemy using a mini-gun shows up. In this case a short scene introduces a larger reaper wielding the weapon appearing on a near-by roof top.
  • This story mission appears in the official demo version of inFamous.


Video WalkthroughEdit

InFamous 1207:04

InFamous 12. Trish Reaches Out

Sources Edit

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