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Tourist Trap

Tourist Trap2
Reward: 100 XP
"Hey, I rigged up a camera that won't fry when you touch it. I was hoping you could send me back some useful intel. Let's make sure it works."
— Zeke telling Cole about his mission.

Tourist trap is a picture-taking side mission in inFamous 2.



Meeting Cole, Zeke presents his friend with a camera he has made that won't fry at Cole's touch, also brieving him on what to take pictures of; the "electric powered stuff around town [they] didn't have in Empire City", and that it might be useful.

The missionEdit

First Cole has to take a picture of a launch pole, then a mugging, and lastly an abduction. Once the three pictures are taken, Zeke will compliment Cole on his pictures and tells him to keep the camera, because they'll need it again soon.


Upon completion, Cole receives 100 XP and slightly reduces enemy activity in New Marais.



Tourist Trap Walkthrough

Tourist Trap Walkthrough