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Titanic Beatdown

Titanic Beatdown
Start: Historic District
Reward: 100XP

Titanic Beatdown is an evil side mission found in the Historic District in inFamous, in which Cole takes on a group of First Sons and Dust Men.


"Annihilate them! Wipe them out!"
— Sasha reaches out.
Sasha contacts Cole telepathically, telling him about a fight taking place between the "Cursed First Sons and the Transients". Sending
Titanic Beatdown 1

Cole takes on the Conduits.

three Reaper Conduits to aid him, Sasha asks him to "Wipe them out!"

Traveling across the roofs of the Historic district to Ground Zero Cole is confronted by three Aura Conduit's and two Golem Conduit's, as well as a squad of Grenade Launching Drones. Working with his allies Cole defeats his enemies, clearing them from another part of the city.


  • Cole must be at Infamous rank to undertake this mission.
  • Titanic Justice is the Good Karma version of this mission.
  • It is the only mission known to feature a fight between all three factions (Conduits from the Reapers, Dust Men, and First Sons all battle each other).


Video WalkthroughEdit

inFamous: Historic District - Titanic Beatdown

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