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inFAMOUS Timeline

21st Century

2006 2009 2010 2011 2012

2013 2014 2015 2018

2011 check

The date on the check is February 6, 2011

This is the timeline for the events of the inFAMOUS series. As no official dates have been given by the developers, the dates are all based around inFAMOUS 2 taking place in 2011, as proven by an in-game cutscene.


Pre-Post Blast

  • Four years prior (2006) to InFAMOUS, Cole takes part in urban exploration of Empire City's sewer system.
  • Cole and Zeke take a trip down to New Marais to practice parkour while the city is still recovering from the flood.

Post Blast

Sometime in 2010, a bike courier that lived in Empire City, Cole MacGrath, was taking a mysterious package to its destination when NSA agent John White, having knowledge as to what was in the package, chased him down on a motorcycle. Jumping from the bike, John put a gun to Cole's head. Cole, oblivious to this, ran a red light and got away from John. When Cole arrived at the destination, he received a call from Kessler, the mysterious owner of the package, who told him to open the package. At first, Cole refused, but after Kessler offered him $500, he obliged.

John watched from a distance as a massive explosion erupted from the Historic District. He quickly made it to the epicenter of the Blast, where an injured but alive Cole lay. He then took the Ray Sphere, the content of the package and the cause of the explosion, and left.


Moments after "the Blast," Cole MacGrath, with the help of his best friend Zeke Dunbar and girlfriend Trish Dailey, escaped the destroyed section of the city and recovered from his injuries. Over the next few weeks, to the group's surprise, he developed electrical super powers.

Two weeks after the initial blast, Cole used these newfound powers, along with his parkour skills, to acquire a food drop crate that was stuck on top of the Archer Square statue, and shared its contents with the hungry citizens. The Voice of Survival then turned the city against Cole by telling them that Cole was the one who delivered the device that triggered the Blast. This severely hurt his relationship with Trish, as her sister died as a result of the Blast. After trying to get out of the Quarantine with Zeke, Cole met a DARPA agent named Moya Jones, who offered to free him from the city and clear his name in exchange for him finding the Ray Sphere and her husband, John White. In agreeing to her terms, Cole was put up against the organization known as the First Sons, and battled one of their former Conduit allies, Sasha, who was planning on polluting the city's water supply with her mind-controlling tar. Once Cole defeated her, he attempted to interrogate her, but an explosion caused the room to collapse. Cole dug himself out of the rubble, but saw that Sasha was pulled out by, who he assumed to be, First Son agents.

Cole then moved into the Warren district, where he was greeted by Warden Harms, the commander in charge of Eagle Point Penitentiary and the officers stationed there. Moving from district to district, Cole managed to find John, who then sent him to get the Ray Sphere with Zeke. Zeke betrayed Cole, and activated the Ray Sphere in an attempt to obtain powers of his own. John also revealed that he wasn't married, and that Moya only used Cole to track John down. During their hunt for the Ray Sphere, the First Sons' leader, Kessler, kidnapped Trish and forced Cole to choose between saving her or six doctors. Cole chose the latter, and Trish plummeted to her death, surviving a few moments to tell Cole how proud of him she was. After a few more excursions to find the Ray Sphere, John and Cole finally found the Sphere. At John's request, Cole attempted to destroy it, causing the device to collapse on itself and John to get sucked in, vaporizing him. Set on avenging both John and Trish, Cole confronted Kessler at Ground Zero and managed to fatally wound him. With his remaining strength, Kessler showed Cole a vision that revealed that he was in fact Cole from an alternate timeline, one that was destroyed by a powerful Conduit called the Beast. Kessler traveled back in time to ensure that Cole was prepared to stop the Beast and had no attachments, like Trish, to hold him back. In the finale of inFAMOUS, Cole considered what the future held, still lamenting the loss of Trish and the strain on his friendship with Zeke.

inFAMOUS: DC Comics

A short time later, while Empire City worked to rebuild itself, while idolizing Cole as its savior, Moya Jones returned with a Conduit, David Warner, who saw no difference between Kessler and Cole, and was bent on taking revenge on Kessler for turning him into a monster. With the help of Warden Harms and Zeke, Cole put a stop to David's rampage, finally finishing him off with a Lightning Storm. After the battle, Moya confronted Cole, and told him that she could put a bounty on his head with a single call. Before she could do this however, the ship she was on began to sink, and Moya became trapped, which resulted in her death.


A month after the final event of inFAMOUS, Cole MacGrath, with new ally NSA agent Lucy Kuo and friend Zeke, prepared to leave Empire City and head down to New Marais in order to receive help from Sebastian Wolfe; a man who was their only hope in giving Cole the abilities needed to defeat the Beast. Their exit was interrupted, however, by an early showing of the Beast, who destroyed the remnants of Empire City, and nearly killed Cole with his awesome power.

On the journey down to New Marais, Cole recovered from his wounds, and Zeke created a new weapon for him, the Amp. After arriving, the group realized that the once beautiful and lawless city had been taken over by a Militia, led by a man named Joseph Bertrand III, who has made it is mission to kill all "deviants," or Conduits. Cole made his way to the first piece necessary to increase his strength, a Blast Core. As soon as he found it, an explosion ripped through the air. Cole headed to the site of the explosion and found Wolfe, whose lab had been destroyed by members of the Militia. He quickly explained the use of both the Blast Core, which will grant Cole a new ability, and the Ray Field Inhibitor, or RFI, which would act as a sort of anti-Ray Sphere by apparently taking away the powers of any Conduit it was used against. Before he could use it, though, Cole would have to absorb a total of seven Blast Cores.

Cole absorbed the first Blast Core, passed out for a short time, and after he woke, realized that he has gained a new power. Also, while he was out cold, Wolfe had been captured by a group of the Militia. Cole made it his mission to save Wolfe while also collecting Blast Cores in order to defeat the Beast.

Cole met another Conduit on his quest, the pyrokinetic Nix, a woman who personified Cole's dark desires. Eventually, after the untimely death of Wolfe, Kuo had powers forced upon her, cryokinesis, and became the embodiment of the better side of Cole. This also unleashed an army of ice soldiers, who escaped to the second island of New Marais. After storming a militia fort, the group found a device that would allow Cole and one other to transfer abilities. Cole used this Power Transfer Device with Kuo, though only he gained powers from the procedure.

Before he passed out from the trauma of transferring powers, Cole attacked the helicopter that Bertrand was escaping in, which caused it to crash to the ground. After waking, he headed to the crash site and fought the Behemoth that roamed the city. He defeated it, and it was revealed to Cole that the monster was actually Bertrand.

Cole followed the broken man to the second island, and powered the place up. He helped the local rebel leader, Rosco Laroche, with a Corrupted problem, before absorbing several more Cores. Eventually, with the help of the rebels, Cole killed Bertrand, which effectively beheaded the monster that was the Militia.

After Cole collected one of the final Blast Cores, it was revealed that the Beast, who had been slowly making its way towards New Marais, was actually John White. He unveiled that after Cole destroyed the Ray Sphere, he had been absorbed into it, and was eventually able to pull himself together after a month of his consciousness floating dormant. He also revealed that he was not purposely killing humans, but rather activating Conduits that suffered from the plague, which resulted in those without the Conduit gene dying. He then gave Cole the ability to see those with the gene, as well as see those who are inflicted with the plague.

Using this ability, Cole realized that Zeke, whose condition had been getting increasingly worse, was infected by the plague. Absorbing the final Blast Core, Cole now had the ability to use the RFI. He started to activate it, but Zeke had to take action as it started to kill Cole, Kuo and Nix. Kuo, now afraid of the death that the RFI promised, decided to take sides with the Beast, while Nix still only wanted to kill the Beast, not caring that she would die in the process. Cole teamed up with Nix, and Kuo left in anger.

Because Zeke had to hit the RFI out of Cole's hands with the Amp, it had been slightly damaged, though he could easily fix it with enough time. The Beast, with Kuo on his side, attacked New Marais and Cole, but Nix was able to distract the two for long enough by sacrificing herself in order to get the RFI repaired and charged. With one final attack, Cole knocked the Beast to his knees, and Kuo realized the error in her ways. She asked Cole to forgive her for her foolishness, before Cole unleashed the final blast from the RFI.

This selfless act destroyed the plague and seemingly killed every living Conduit on Earth. Though Zeke thought that Cole's sacrifice would go unrecognized, the people hailed Cole as their savior and canonized him as the Patron Saint of New Marais.

However, as Zeke begins to sail away from New Marais to bury Cole at sea, a lightning bolt in the shape of a question mark, strikes Cole's coffin...

inFAMOUS: First Light

Four years after the events of InFAMOUS 2, Abigail Walker , a girl from New Jersey discovering that she is a conduit who can manipulate Neon runs away with her Brent in order to avoid capture by the D.U.P an anti-conduit organization aimed at stopping conduits now renamed Bioterrorists, during that time they work under drug dealers in Seattle and eventually Brent is killed by one of their employers Shane though Abigail was the one who accidentally killed Brent. Abigail is captured and detained by the D.U.P in a safe but miserable haven called Curdun Cay and is forced to reveal her past to their leader Brooke Augustine , while undergoing tests given to her ,she eventually kills Shane after it is revealed that the D.U.P and when the day comes , she and fellow conduits Eugene Sims and Hank Daughtry later board a D.U.P convoy headed for a military station in upstate Washington , but their convoy is sabotaged by Hank enabling Abigail and Eugene to escape to Seattle while Hank is trapped under the convoy.

inFAMOUS: Second Son

Seven years after the events of InFAMOUS 2, a 24 year old street artist named Delsin Rowe discovered that he was a Conduit while helping save passengers from a crashed Conduit Transport, and absorbed the powers of one named Hank Daughtry as he attempted to hold him hostage. After a brief battle in his surrogate mother, Betty's fish cannery, Augustine attempts to torture Delsin to make him tell her what Hank told him. After admitting he was a Conduit to save his loved ones, Augustine assumed him to be lying, and tortured the rest of his tribe, mortally injuring them. Now referred to by the DUP as a "Bioterrorist", Delsin and his older brother Reggie set out to rid Seattle of the DUP by using his newfound powers, and to use his power to copy Augustine's and save his friends. After meeting two fellow conduits Abigail Walker and Eugene Sims, and acquiring their powers, he stormed the DUP island of Puget Sound.

After being led into a trap by Hank, Delsin watches as his brother Reggie sacrifice himself to save his life, and in a fit of anger and rage, defeats Augustine with ease and sinks the island in the process. After escaping the collapsing island, Delsin tracks down Hank to get revenge, but spares him after learning he did it to save his daughter. He then storms Augustine's base with the help of Abigail and Eugene and defeats Augustine once and for all and hands her into military custoday after exposing her plan to use Abigail and Eugene to make Conduits look like monsters. Delsin says that the Second Age has begun and that humans and Conduits can now co-exsist, and later rescues the Conduits trapped inside the DUP prison at Curdun Cay. Before though, he returns to the Longhouse and cures the Akomish, saving their lives as Betty then asks Delsin where his brother is. Delsin, with a sorrowful look, simply answers that Reggie saved him, and makes his way to the roof of the fish cannery, where he paints a mural to his brother on his sherif billboard and says, "I love you brother...and I'm sure gonna miss you." He then sets his spray can down and walks away.

Non-Canon Timelines

"For a moment there was nothing, and then he started to show me things..."
The majority of this article contains spoilers and crucial plot details from Infamous: Second Son.
Read the article at your own risk.
This section is non-canon. All information below this header is not considered a part of the timeline.

Delsin chooses to take the easy path and lets the tribe take Augustine's attack. He also corrupts Abigail Walker, and Eugene Sims so he could gain further powers from them. He later kills Hank Daughtry after he betrays Delsin and his brother Reggie to Augustine leading to the latter's death. Later after gaining powers from Augustine who he kills to avenge his brother, and he's rejected by Betty, Delsin retaliates by destroying the Tribe, severing all ties to his past.

End of non-canon information.


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  • In InFamous 2, Cole states in the prologue he met Lucy Kuo one month after killing Kessler, yet in the DC comics he met Kuo only several days after killing Kessler.
  • In Second Son, several video monitors show the date as 2013, however, this isn't the in-game date, as that would not only be a major retcon, that would mean the original games would be set in 2006, which goes against in-game images in InFamous and InFamous 2, instead it's assumed the dates on the monitor are a reference to the reveal date of Second Son. To back this up, the scene in-game is taken directly from reveal trailer (sans Delsin picking up a camera and stating "You are not in control.")
  • In InFamous 2, it's stated there was a major flood in 2004 in New Marais, and Cole states four years prior to the game he and Zeke had traveled down to practice parkour due to the flooded streets and lack of police intervention. Either Cole had miscalculated in how many years it had been, there were multiple floods, or the water had simply not receded from the streets by the time of Cole's visit.
  • It is unknown why Cole, Zeke, and Lucy Kuo waited a month before making their way to New Marais, the dead drops suggest Cole was distrustful of Kuo, not just him being cagey around women due to Trish's recent death, but he'd also been betrayed by another member of the government.
  • In the InFamous DC Comics, Kuo tells Cole she worked with John White in the NSA, yet in InFamous 2, Cole asks who her contact was in Empire City, to which she tells him again, that it's John, and Cole reacts surprised to this.

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