"For a moment there was nothing, and then he started to show me things..."
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The Sacrifice

The sacrifice 3
Prev: Powering Up Ascension Parish
Next: Conduit, Not Human
Reward: 500 XP
Side Mission: N/A

The Sacrifice is the 14th story mission of Infamous 2.[1]


The RescueEdit

"Help! Somebody, help me! Oh my God! Somebody help!"
— The Sacrifice cries for help
Zeke Dunbar informs Cole MacGrath that the Militia have kidnapped a woman and asks him to look into it. Heading towards the swamps Cole fights his way through groups of Swamp Monsters before he finds the woman,

The Sacrificial Offering.

hanging between two twisted trees. Cole blasts her restrains, rescuing the woman, who then offers to take Cole to her uncle, explaining that "He ain’t afraid to fight the Militia".

Cole follows her back to the pier, protecting her from the attacking Swamp Monsters, Gasbags and Militia members, who shout at Cole, justifying their actions, saying "That girl was an offering. Her death would have saved lives, you idiot!". Once Cole has cleared the way, the sacrifice leads him through the back alleys of Ascension Parish, at one point finding a group of injured Rebels that the woman asks Cole to heal. [1]

The DevourerEdit

Laroche: "The Demon of Empire City."
Cole: "Whoa. Easy. We both want the same thing here… pretty much."
―Cole meets Laroche.[src]
Rosco L 7

Cole meets Laroche.

Reaching Leo Park the woman rushes into her uncles arms, but pulls away in shock when she learns that her uncle knew that the Militia were making sacrifices to the Devourer. Sara then introduces Cole to Laroche. The Rebel leader is dubious at first but as Cole tries to reach an agreement with Laroche, a large corrupted called a Devourer appears.
Before fleeing with his niece, Laroche tells Cole that "You don't have to prove that you're brave. That things too damn big, even for you!". Facing the Devourer, Cole avoids it's acid spit and lethal tongue, throwing cars and electric bolts into the armored beasts vulnerable mouth, before finally bringing it down.[1]


  • If Cole has Evil Karma when he rescues Sara, he will threaten to leave her if she doesn't stay quiet.
  • This marks the debut of The Rebels.
    • However the Rebels are mentioned by The Militia earlier on in the game.
  • This mission also marks the debut of Rosco Laroche and Sara.
    • Sara isn’t seen for the rest of the game making this her first and last appearance. Though Laroche mentions Sara once, during the mission "Dunbar Beam".
  • It also marks the debut of the devourers.
  • A somewhat helpful glitch can occur if Cole heal the Rebels, upon the end of the mission, the rebels will follow him throughout the city, assisting him in battles. They can even appear in the next story mission, but will disappear upon the conclusion of that mission.
  • Another glitch can occur if Cole dies in the fight with the Devourer. When he re-spawns some civilians will just ignore the fight, even if they get attacked.
  • While Sara is hanging from the tree, she can be killed if Cole jumps on her enough times.


Video WalkthoughEdit

InFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 16 The Sacrifice06:59

InFamous 2 Walkthrough Part 16 The Sacrifice


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