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Terror Bus

Prev: N/A
Next: N/A
Start: The Warren
Unlock: N/A
Reward: 100 XP
Side Mission: N/A

Terror Bus are a series of Side Missions in inFamous. They can be played either with Good Karma or Evil Karma.

Starting the MissionEdit

After the quest is located by the yellow beacon, a civilian will tell you to destroy busses that have been rigged with assault weapons and armor plating by the Dust Men. They use these to cause mass panic and murder. The only way to take one down is to destroy the generator on top of the bus.


  • Lightning Storm is a faster and surefire way to take out the bus, but you have to unlock it first at the Historic District.
  • Do not take the buses head on unless you attempt the tactic mentioned above, as the bus is armored with corrugated pieces of iron and there are heavy machine guns on all sides of the bus being fired by Dust Men inside the bus and you cannot climb onto the roof as there is barbwire around the unprotected roof exploiting the generator.
  • If you plan to jump on the roof of the bus from the roof of the building, think ahead. You won't know how successful you are until you jump. Here's an easy way to tell how you should time your jumps, the higher the elevation, the quicker you should jump. For more precision use Static Trusters.
  • The only way you'll ever know if the bus is out of commission, is if a cutscene is activated, showcasing the destruction of the bus.
  • If the bus blows up, Cole will take no damage at all.


  • The sound design team at Sucker Punch created twenty-seven different variations on the sound you might hear when the generator explodes in the game.

Video WalkthroughsEdit

InFamous The Warren - Terror Bus 101:22

InFamous The Warren - Terror Bus 1

Terror Bus 1

InFamous The Warren - Terror Bus 200:51

InFamous The Warren - Terror Bus 2

Terror Bus 2

InFamous The Warren - Terror Bus 301:10

InFamous The Warren - Terror Bus 3

Terror Bus 3

InFamous The Warren - Terror Bus 401:10

InFamous The Warren - Terror Bus 4

Terror Bus 4


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