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Breaking into New Marais 1

The Swamp Blockade.

The Swamp Blockade is a small village in InFamous 2 that can be found in the bay outside New Marais. When Bertand's Militia placed New Marais in lockdown, Cole MacGrath, Zeke Dunbar and NSA agent Lucy Kuo found themselves sneaking into the city via the swamp blockade.


  • The swamp blockade features the first karmic moment of InFamous 2, Cole must charge a generator to lower a bridge, however over charging it will cause it to blow, killing the militia members guarding the area along with all the civilians living there.
  • The swamp blockade contains one of Dr. Wolfe's carrier pigeons.
    • This dead drop pigeon is one the hardest to find in New Marais, but allows the player to earn the "Behind The Curtain" and the "Well inFORMED" trophies.
  • Returning to the area earns you the "Back To The Bayou" trophy.
  • Using Lightning Tether is the easiest way to return to the swamp blockade, however if Cole has upgraded Static Thrusters he can make his way to the first pole by jumping off the roof of the "Rosa Lee" (the boat that took him to New Marais).
    • You can also create a bridge in a UGC mission.



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