Warren Map
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Start: Warren
Unlock: Static Thrusters
Reward: 500 XP
Side Mission: N/A

Stranded is the 15th story mission in inFamous, and one of the first to take place in the Warren District.


Cole must head into the sewer system to locate and activate the first disabled substation on the island, in order to bring power back to the immediate area.

Starting the MissionEdit

Once in the sewer Cole receives a call from Moya, she explains
Stranded 1

Gaining a new power.

that she has "pulled some intel" and that two days after the blast the homeless people in the Warren had banded together and seized control of the borough, calling themselves the Dust Men. She adds her suspicion that the group were being led by an extremely powerful conduit.

Cole re-establishes the circuit and gains a new power, Static Thrusters. Testing his new power, Cole glides between the platforms of the sewer, dealing with any Dust Men in his path. Eventually he reaches the substation and once he has fully charged it, the power is returned to this section of the Warren.


Video WalkthroughEdit

InFAMOUS - Stranded05:17

InFAMOUS - Stranded


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