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Stay Frosty

Stay Frosty-Infobox
Prev: Icebreaker
Next: The Big Chill
Reward: 100 XP

Stay Frosty is a Good Karma side mission in InFamous 2.


The mission starts when Kuo calls Cole and informs him that their Ice Soldier ally wants to meet again. She also tells Cole that their ally has "changed" since they last met. Cole must find the Ice Soldier ally, who will inform Cole that several Corrupted are terrorizing the area. Cole must then follow the Ice Soldier ally across Flood Town until the Corrupted are reached who the pair find terrorizing the citizens with the New Marais Police trying to fight them off and protect the civilians. After all Corrupted have been defeated, Cole's new ally thanks him as the civilians surround them to cheer and says that the people owe them their lives before saying they must not be seen together and departs.


Upon completion, Cole receives 100 XP and slightly reduces enemy activity in New Marais. Also, he becomes a bit more heroic.

Video WalkthroughEdit

InFamous 2 Walkthrough Side Missions Part 49 Stay Frosty04:09

InFamous 2 Walkthrough Side Missions Part 49 Stay Frosty


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