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Stampton Bridge

Protestors in front of Stampton Bridge.

Stampton Bridge was the main routeway out of Empire City before the Blast.


The Stampton Bridge was very long and wide. After the blast it became the HQ of Moya and the FBI, as well as a major part of the quarantine. It was sealed with several reinforced doors and the bridgeway was barricaded with cargo tankers.

The bridge was then protected on one side by riot police who stopped the people of Empire city crossing the bridge, and soldiers and machine gun nests on the other end. Underneath the bridge there was a series of pipes and structures that Reapers were planning to sabotage.

After the BlastEdit


The barricade of guns.

At the start of the game, Cole and Zeke go to Stampton Bridge to attempt to escape the city. They break through most of the bridge with angry citizens, but when they reach the other end they are met by a hail of machine gun fire. The citizens are massacred, but Zeke and Cole escape.

It is here where Cole meets Moya, and they make a deal: if Cole finds John White and the Ray Sphere, then Moya will clear his name and let him leave the quarantine. Cole leaves using the pipes under the structure and witnesses the Reapers as they try to sabotage them. He ultimately stops them and meets back up with Zeke.

After this, the bridge is permanently sealed off; not even the first gate opens for Cole. However, it is possible to escape to a small portion of the mainland on the other side by using a series of glitches in the game.


  • Both the Voice of Survival and the USTV comment about the incident that happens there. The USTV state it was the act of terrorists trying to spread the plague outside the city, where the Voice states the truth that they were just innocent civilians trying to get out of the quarantine.
  • If you tried to get out of the quarantine through a glitch (by jumping in the buildings, for example) you will fall in the water.
  • If you glitch through the quarantine doors during the mission,"The Escape" and make it over, The doors will automatticly open without charging the electricity boxes.


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