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For the enemy this power is based on, see Spikers.

Spikers (Power)

Mission gained: Nix's New Family
Location obtained: Flood Town Train Yard
Attributed to: Napalm
Upgradeable: No
Appears in: InFamous 2

Spikers is a Napalm Power of Evil Karma featured in inFamous 2.


The Spiker power generates three liquid napalm spikes that crack into three Spikers, which will fight by Cole's side. Cole can activate the power a maximum of four times, to summon a total of 12 Spikers, which will follow him around. Activating it with 12 Spikers already present produces the liquid spikes, but does nothing else. Cole can only unlock this power after completing the mission "Nix's New Family," or by completing both a Good and an Evil playthrough, which automatically unlocks all Karma-locked powers in the Aftermath.


  • Killing your own Spikers will result in earning Evil Karma and a Bystander Bonus.
  • They will automatically attack any enemies within range. They will not attack un-aggro'd potential enemies such as police who have not spotted Evil Cole yet, and will never attack civilians even if the civilians are attacking Infamous Cole.
  • Unlike the final level three Good Karma power Frost Shield; Spikers will not be available until you complete the mission Nix's New Family.
  • The ability is sadly exactly as useless as it sounds.