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Special Delivery

Special Delivery mission in inFamous 2
Reward: 100 XP

Special Delivery is a side mission in InFamous 2.


The mission starts with Rosco Laroche calling Cole to inform him that an Ice Gang courier is heading towards a warehouse that Laroche's men have had their eyes on. He asks Cole to follow the courier without being seen, so Cole goes to the warehouse to await the courier. Once the courier delivers the package, Laroche orders Cole to enter the warehouse and defeat all of the Ice Soldiers. Cole quickly charges in and defeats all the members including a Crusher after that the mission ends.


Upon completion, Cole receives 100 XP and slightly reduces enemy activity in New Marais.

Video WalkthroughEdit

InFamous 2 Walkthrough Side Missions Part 62 Special Delivery02:48

InFamous 2 Walkthrough Side Missions Part 62 Special Delivery


  • The courier is actually a civilian forced to carry the package instead of an Ice Gang member.


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