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Delsin uses Smoke Thrusters in order to pass through 520 bridge
Mission gained: Parting of the Ways
Location obtained: Seattle bridge
Attributed to: Delsin Rowe
Upgradeable: Yes (Concrete only)
Appears in: InFamous: Second Son
For the almost identical power in inFAMOUS 1 and 2, see Static Thrusters.

In inFAMOUS: Second Son, various forms of thrusters have been introduced to accommodate the different powers. The thrusters are Delsin's form of Cole MacGrath's Static Thrusters, which only used electricity.


This power allows Delsin Rowe to glide over a great distance by shooting whatever power he has out of his hands. It can also be used after Delsin shoots himself into the air, gaining more height and the capability to glide much further.

The Concrete Thrusters are the strongest thrusters and the only ones that can be upgraded. The Smoke and Video thrusters are standard, and the Neon thrusters are the weakest.


  • The Thrusters can slow down Delsin's fall from a high building.
  • If Delsin uses the Smoke Dash while he uses the Smoke Thrusters over a gap, immediately when he reforms he will be able to use the Smoke Thrusters. This can be used to traverse the rooftops easily.


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