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Sin Tower.

Sin Tower, or the Yes We CanCan Cabaret is a notable landmark in New Marais. It is known for showcasing adult entertainment to sailors and immigrants who visit the district of Ville Cochon.


  • The landmark is listed as Sin Tower when doing one of Zeke's missions that involved taking pictures of several landmarks around the city. However, in the game's official website, the landmark is listed as Yes We CanCan Cabaret.
  • This location is heavlily decorated for Pyre Night in InFamous 2: Festival of Blood.
  • The sign of Sin Tower (Yes We CanCan!) may be an easter egg of the slogan used by the American president Barack Obama during his presidential campaign on 2008, Yes We Can.
  • Durning a Trick Photography side mission, the Sin Tower is one of the things Cole needs to take a photo of.

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