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SWAT in front of Stampton Bridge

SWAT in front of Stampton Bridge

SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) was a paramilitary unit, domestic Counter-Terrorism and Law Enforcement organization that protected Empire City after The Blast and its following events that put the entire city in chaos.

Description Edit

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History Edit

Stampton Bridge Edit

During the mission "The Escape," when Cole MacGrath and Zeke Dunbar attempt to flee the city through Stampton Bridge, they are confronted by the SWAT team, who are guarding the entrance to the bridge to prevent anyone from passing through. During the mission, Cole is given a karmic choice, in which he can fight the guards by himself, or fire a bolt at them from the crowd, which would cause a riot. The bridge was littered with several SWAT guards, who Cole had to fight through on their way out of Empire City.


  • SWAT members are mainly seen during Evil side missions in InFamous.
  • They do not appear in InFamous 2, likely because New Marais could not afford to maintain a SWAT team, given the disparity of the situation.