Roger Miller

Roger as seen in inFamous.
Full Name: Roger Miller
Occupation/s: City Engineer
Gender: Male
Current status: Unknown
Voiced by: David Frederick White
Appears in: inFamous
"Man, this is screwed up nine ways from Sunday."
— Roger Miller.

Roger Miller is an engineer and friend of Trish Dailey in Empire City. In post blast Empire City, Roger did his best to keep things running but was eventually captured by the Dust Men.


Early lifeEdit

Working as a City Engineer Roger got to know the Dailey family well going on camping with them, even attending Amy Dailey graduation. He lost touch with Trish after her father "got transfered up state".

Post BlastEdit


Roger under armed guard.

Trish contacts Cole MacGrath and asks him to locate Roger, she is hoping that the engineer will be able to fix the Stone Canal Bridge that links the Neon and Warren districts.

Cole tracks Roger to Valentine Park, where he is being held by two Dust Men, quickly defeating Roger's captors, Cole explains that he was sent by Trish and that "she's hoping you can fix the stone canal drawbridge". Whilst repairing the bridge, Roger speaks of the time he spent with Trish and her family, how he is saddened that Trish was also stuck in the quarantine and asks if Amy had made it out. Unaware that Cole's reassurance that Amy did make it out was a lie, Roger adds that he'd "hate to see both those girls stuck in here". Roger (with the assistance of Cole and Lou) successfully repaired the bridge, allowing Trish to access the medical supplies in Bayview Hospital.

Later, Roger rigs electrical equipment to a city bus so Cole can protect Trish's medical supplies while they travel to the hospital.


  • It is possible to kill Roger after the mission An Old Friend, however even if the player kills him, Trish later mentions him, noting he helped rig up the Bus with electricity.
  • During the mission Against the World, Roger can be seen among other civilians attacking each other and Cole due to the toxin coming from the air-balloons.
  • Although nothing is known about Roger after Against the World, it would be presumed he died when the Beast attacked Empire City, or during the Empire Event.
  • It is possible that this character is himself a reference to the Yardbirds album "Roger the Engineer", this has not been confirmed however.



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