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Infamousevil 010
Prev: N/A
Next: Dirty Job
Reward: 100 XP

Starting the MissionEdit

This is one of the 15 evil side missions you'll find. There are two of these; one in the Neon and one in the Historic District. The main objective is draw out your enemies by destroying everything you see. Once you have begun the mission a word will appear on the game screen. For the Neon, you destroy cars and kill pedestrians and it soon changes into CRAZY to lure out the police. Wreak a bit more havoc and the police will appear. You will be able to see them on the mini-map so you can prepare yourself for their arrival. The mission in the Historic District will be the same, only Sasha will give you this mission and you will gain 2 Reaper Conduits to draw out the First Sons.


  • Unlike many of the side missions in inFamous, this mission proves more difficult if Cole tries to take down the officers from nearby rooftops instead of facing them head on.
  • When the police take cover behind cars using shockwave and lightning bolts will blow up the cars and bring them down upon the police officers. You should be able to get the Crush Stunt in this mission.

Video WalkthroughEdit

InFamous: Neon District - Rampage01:56

InFamous: Neon District - Rampage

InFamous Sasha's Evil Side Mission 603:04

InFamous Sasha's Evil Side Mission 6



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