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The Quarantine

The Quarantine

The Empire City Quarantine, or simply Quarantine, was a blockade created by the US Government in an effort to contain the plague and biological hazards that was released onto Empire City as a result of the Blast in the Historic District. The quarantine barricades the Stampton Bridge in the Neon District to prevent anyone from going in or out. This barricade is reinforced with a large police force, turrets, and literal wall of machine guns near the other side.

In an escape attempt, Cole MacGrath lead a number of civilians through the barricade, almost getting to the other end. However, the small rebellion soon met their end, as they find that a wall of guns was erected as a defensive structure, and many civilians were either hurt or killed. Zeke Dunbar managed to escape death by jumping off the bridge into the water, while Cole managed to escape death by jumping onto a separate platform where the FBI agent Moya was expecting him.

The quarantine also included a blockade of the waters surrounding Empire City to keep boats from entering or exiting the city. The Dust Men attempted to challenge this blockade by sailing past in boats loaded with caged civilians. However, Cole is tasked with freeing the civilians when he is told that the quarantine blockade has been ordered to gun down any boats that attempt to pass regardless of any number of civilian casualties. Near the beginning of Infamous 2 the Quarantine has finally been lifted but it seems most people have stayed thanks to the efforts of Cole MacGrath and the Empire City Police Department eliminating all the gangs.


  • It is possible to glitch your way through the barricade, but eventually you will fall through the ground, as the area is not supposed to be accessed.
  • The Quarantine caused a massive shortage of goods and services in Empire City. Commodities could only be obtained through paying high prices, receiving government airdrops, or stealing. An example of the quarantine's effects included, gasoline sold at around $9 for a gallon.
  • The Empire City Quarantine and the negative effects it has on the city bears some resemblance to the situation depicted in the DC comics story line Batman: No Mans Land. Sucker Punch has stated that "No Mans Land" as well as the graphic novel DMZ were one of the many sources of inspiration for designing the games environment.

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