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Pyre Night gate

Pyre Night gate.

Pyre Night is an annual celebration described by Zeke Dunbar in inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood. It takes place in New Marais every year to keep Vampires away and to celebrate the death of Bloody Mary, who was burned on a pyre by Father Ignatius. During Pyre Night, partygoers line the streets altong with bonfires, tents, fireworks, and balloons scattered around. Most of the citizens of New Marais wear different types of masks, and street performers, such as fire breathers and drummers, parade down the road too. It is on this night that Bloody Mary is resurrected, and plots to destroy New Marais with white phosphorus. 


  • At one of the souvenir stands, there is Cole merchandise such as a replica of his bag.


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