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Playing Hero

Warren Map
Prev: An Old Friend
Next: Alden Strikes
Start: Warren
Unlock: Megawatt Hammer
Reward: 500 XP

"Playing Hero" is the 18th story mission in inFamous.


Cole heads into the sewers to restore a portion of the Warren's electricity.

The missionEdit

Playing Hero

Cole using Megawatt Hammer.

As Cole heads back into the sewers, he receives a call from Zeke, who laments that even with the help that "they'd" given Dwight’s sister, he'd just seen her hanging on some other guy's arm. Cole gives his friend his commiserations, but Zeke exclaims that it just gives him a chance to "play the field."

Once Cole re-establishes the circuit, he gains a new power, Megawatt Hammer, a powerful electrical blast with great range and the ability to travel through chain link fences.

Making his way through the remainder of the sewer, Cole faces several groups of Dust Men, giving him the opportunity to test out his new electrical power. Finally reaching the substation, Cole recharges it before returning to the streets above, which are now lit.


  • As with all sewer missions, there is a quote spoken by one of the characters that includes the title of the mission.


Video walkthroughEdit

InFamous 17

InFamous 17. Playing Hero