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Paper Trail is a site that is centered around InFamous: Second Son. Its purpose is to have a series of mini-games released on a weekly basis which eventually leads to free DLC for people who participate in the events.


Paper Trail began a week before the release of Second Son and launched a series of quizzes that would, by the time Second Son came out, be used to start a small series of events inside the game.

By completing each "episode" the player would gain Karmic points which track the player's progress throughout the event game.


The first series of events began as quizzes which pertained to the Conduit Gene and it's users, going through the quizzes gave the player background information of both the gap between InFamous 2 and Second Son and also the discrimination of Conduits.

The list of tasks for the site are as follows:

  • Join the Movement
  • Conduit Awareness Quiz
  • Conduit+ Sensory Test
  • Link Your PSN Account

Part 1

After Second Son released and the player had linked in their Paper Trail account with their PSN, they could then begin the series of games inside Second Son which would unfold as a story as the mini-game progressed.

The list of events are as follows:

  • Follow the Trail Follow the white rabbit.


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