Officer Down

Officer down
Start: Neon District
Reward: 100XP

Officer Down is a Good Karma side mission found in the Neon District in inFamous, during which Cole tracks down a Reaper.


Officer down 1

The Murderer Appears.

Cole finds the body of a empire City Police Officer using one of his latest powers psychic vision, Cole is able to see the officers final moments and the residential neuro-electric outline of his killer. Following the Reapers residual energy through the streets of the Neon, Cole eventually tracks the killer to a back alley where he, and a group of fellow Reapers are preparing to execute a group of Empire Cities finest. Cole quickly defeats the Reapers, saving the group of police officers at the same time.


  • XP is gained from the police officers Cole rescues.
  • Before entering the alley, climb a building and use precision for some quick kills.


Video WalkthroughEdit

inFamous: Neon District - Officer Down

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