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No Protection

Neon Map
Prev: Nemesis Revealed
Next: Trish Reaches Out
Start: Neon District
Unlock: Precision
Reward: 500 XP
Side Mission: N/A

"No Protection" is the 12th story mission in InFamous.


Cole MacGrath travels through the sewers to restore power to the last section of the Neon District.


Going through some swinging gas dispensers, Cole approaches the generator, and after he re-establishes the circuit, he is granted Precision mode. This upgrade allows him to zoom in on enemies, allowing for a precise shot from far distances. He will have to use this new power on various objects and foes, such as batteries behind rotating turbines, and Reapers behind turrets.

After fighting through the Reapers, he reaches the substation and powers it up. He then exits the sewers, and power is restored to remainder of the Neon District.


InFAMOUS Walkthrough - Mission 11 No Protection

InFAMOUS Walkthrough - Mission 11 No Protection