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Night on the Town

Night on the town
Start: Warren District
Reward: 100 XP

Night On The Town is an Evil Karma side mission found in the Warren District in inFamous, in which Cole helps three Reaper Conduits attack a Dustmen stronghold.


"My love, how I‘ve missed you. Please look after my beloveds. They tend to get into trouble without supervision."
— Sasha contacts Cole.
Sasha telepathically contacts Cole asking him to accompany
Night on the town 3

Cole fights alongside Sasha's Reapers

three Reaper Conduits whilst they attack a Dust Man stronghold. Following the Reapers across the rooftops of the Warren, the group are ambushed by a troupe of Dustmen, but Cole working along side the Reapers quickly over-powers them. Reaching the Dust Men’s stronghold, Cole and his allies face a barrage of Dust Men troops.

Once all of their enemies have been defeated, Sasha once again contacts Cole, flirtily telling him: “You’re so naughty. I love it!”.


  • Cole fails the mission if all the Reaper Conduits die.
  • This is the only mission in which Cole can heal the Reapers and receive Good Karma XP.


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