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The Flood.

The New Marais Flood was the event that flooded and devastated most of New Marais.[1]


The hurricane that caused the great flood came in four years prior to the events that happened in Empire City. Due to the hurricane's strong current and force, a massive flood occurred within the city, which caused a brief state of lawlessness and depression among the citizens. Courier Cole MacGrath took advantage of the city's current status and practiced free-running within the city rooftops along with his friend Zeke Dunbar.

The city was eventually able to recover from the flood's devastation, with majority of the city districts' freed from flooded streets. However, the town of Bellevue was never able to recover, even after four years since the hurricane. Due to its current state, the town earned the nickname Flood Town, which what majority of the civilians now refer it to.


  • The New Marais Flood is a reference to Hurricane Katrina, which devastated a large part of the United States, especially the area of New Orleans (where New Marais was based on).[2]
  • On a USTV episode, the anchor says the flood took place in 2004. This is clearly a mistake as its real-life counterpart, Hurricane Katrina, took place in the summer of 2005.


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