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Neon District

The Neon 1
City: Empire City
Architecture: High-Tech
Status: Destroyed
Based on: New York
Appears in: inFamous: Post Blast
inFamous: DC Comics
inFamous 2
inFamous: Anarchy

The Neon District is one of three boroughs in Empire City and the starting borough for Cole in InFamous.


The Neon District is the most generic borough. Most of the Neon looks just like any bustling city. Buildings in this district are normally easy to climb due to the massive amounts of windows and neon fixtures adorning all of the buildings. There aren't as many electrical lines throughout this district compared to the others, because being the most modern district in the city, theoretically most of the power would be underground. Its appearance takes its cues from 'neon districts' in many of the world's larger cities, such as Soho in London and Times Square in New York.


The Neon District boasts an subway line that loops around the borders of the borough, and a park, as well as several public monuments. It is Empire City's commercial district, as the majority of the buildings are offices and businesses. It's also the only district with direct access to the mainland, via Stampton Bridge.


The resident gang in this district is the Reapers, headed by Sasha. Since this is the starting district in the game, the Reapers are the easiest gang in inFamous to defeat.

Affection of the Blast

The Neon is the least affected district after the blast and safest place to live, if Cole can avoid the Reapers.


  • When Cole has Good Karma, his only enemies will be the Reapers in this district. However, if Cole has Evil Karma, he'll also encounter police officers that are hunting him down.
    • Although, encountering policemen during gameplay is rare and almost impossible to find and track down.
  • There is a Sly Cooper insignia in the center of the map, which is the park's fountain.
  • Some players have had occurrences of pedestrians on roof-tops throwing rocks, instead of Reapers.