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Mobile Poison

Mobile Poison2
Start: Neon District
Historic District
Reward: 100 XP

Mobile Poison Is a series of side mission found in the Neon District and Historic District in inFamous, in which Cole tracks down and destroys a Tar Truck.


Neon DistrictEdit

"The Reapers are moving one of their trucks near here."
— A concerned civillian.
Mobile Poison4

Facing the Reaper guard.

A concerned citizen will inform Cole that the Reapers are moving their Tar Trucks through the street and ask that he destroy it.

Once Cole tracks down the truck, he must deal with the Reapers guarding the truck, including several Reaper Conduits. Once the Reapers and their truck have been destroyed the streets of the Neon are free of the Black Tar.

Historic DistrictEdit

Once the First Sons and Kessler had captured Sasha, they planned to use her Black Tar to control the minds of those trapped in the Historic District. Cole is contacted again by an anxious civilian, asking for his help. He faces a barrage of First Son troops, including Grenade Launching Drones and Aura Conduits. He defeats all enemies and destroys the truck, leaving the area safe.


  • Grenades are very effective against the truck, though Cole will probably run out of energy before it is destroyed.
  • Later in the game Lightning Storm is particularly effective against the trucks.


Video WalkthroughEdit

InFamous: Neon District - Mobile Poison 101:59

InFamous: Neon District - Mobile Poison 1

InFamous: Neon District - Mobile Poison 201:10

InFamous: Neon District - Mobile Poison 2

InFamous: Historic District - Mobile Poison02:01

InFamous: Historic District - Mobile Poison


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