Mercy Kill

Mercy kill
Prev: The Big Chill
Next: N/A
Start: Gas Works
Reward: 100 XP

Mercy Kill is a Good Karma side mission found in the Gas Works District in inFamous 2, in which Cole must face his Ice Conduit ally.


"Our friend from the Ice gang continues to deteriorate. I‘m afraid he‘s becoming dangerous."
— Kuo speaks with Cole.

Mercy kill 2

Cole faces his former ally.

Kuo meets with Cole and warns him of their Ice Soldier Ally's deterioration, and the need to intervene before he hurts someone. Heading further into the Gas Works the pair find the Ice Titan battling a squad of New Marais police officers. Noticing Cole and Kuo when they both join the fight, the Ice Titan shouts “The power…calls to me” and “Kill me, or I’ll kill you!”.
Mercy kill 5

Taking the Titan down.

After a long fight and with the police and Kuo’s help, Cole is able to defeat his former friend before he is able to wreak havoc on the city. Cole meets back up with Kuo, who reasures him by saying that, “Insane as he was, I think he was glad we were there to stop him.”


Upon completion, Cole receives 100 XP and slightly reduces enemy activity in New Marais. Also, he becomes a bit more heroic.


  • The Ice Titan will freeze the police officers fighting him. Cole should be cautious not to hurt them with his attacks to avoid gaining negative Karma.
  • By completing all of the Ice Conduit Side Missions, a Trophy (Frozen Asset) is awarded.


Video WalkthroughEdit

InFamous 2 Gas District - Mercy Kill02:42

InFamous 2 Gas District - Mercy Kill

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