Medical Emergency

Medical Emergency
Prev: Blood Trail
Next: High Ground
Start: Neon District
Unlock: Side Mission, Medical Clinic
Reward: 500 XP
Side Mission: N/A

Medical Emergency is the 6th story mission in inFamous.

The missionEdit

Moya contacts Cole MacGrath and tells him that an EMT requires his help, meeting the wounded EMT, Cole learns that the Reapers have taken over his clinic and are attacking any pedestrian that walks past. The EMT asks Cole to defeat the Reapers so the medical clinic is safe to approach.

Medical Emergency 3

Clearing out the Reapers

Turning the corner Cole witnesses a Reaper shoot a civilian at point range, before turning his attention on Cole. Racing to meet the oncoming Reapers, Cole quickly defeats them all before clearing out the remaining troops at the clinic, leaving the area free of Reapers and the EMT free to run his clinic.
Moya calls Cole once more saying that there are more people out there that need help, and to "keep an eye out for them"


  • Technically this mission is a Side Mission, as the Main Mission is Moya telling you about the EMT. You then talk to the EMT, who has a Side Mission locator above him.
  • This and the last Main Mission are the only two Main Missions that frees areas of gang control.


Video walkthroughEdit

InFamous 0501:34

InFamous 05. Medical Emergency


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