Lou Purgon

Lou as seen in inFamous.
Full Name: Lou
Occupation/s: City Engineer
Gender: Male
Current status: Unknown
Voiced by: Mark Lund
Appears in: inFamous
"Look I'd love to stay and chat, but I've gotta find some place safe."
— Lou, to Cole.

Lou Purgon is an engineer and friend of Roger Miller in Empire City. In post blast Empire City, Lou did his best to keep things running but was eventually captured by the Reapers.


Early lifeEdit

Working as a City Engineer Lou became friends with Roger Miller.

Post BlastEdit

An old friend 7

Lou under armed guard.

When Cole MacGrath enlists Roger Miller's aid in fixing the Stone Canal Bridge that linked the Neon and Warren districts, Roger finds that the bridge is so badly damaged that he is unable to repair it alone. Calling Lou Roger explains that "the #4 hydraulic on the south side of SC isn't engaging" and that he needs his help. Lou replies that he is in the park but "he's not going anywhere" as the park was swarming with Reapers.

Cole tracks Lou to Memorial Park where he is being held by three Reapers, quickly defeating Lou's captors, confirming that Roger had sent him,Cole asked the engineer what the Reapers wanted with him. Lou explained how the Reapers were planing on trading him to the Dust Men, who wanted engineers to work on their tower. Once Cole had escorted him to the drawbridge's control panel, Lou was able to help Roger successfully repair the bridge, before leaving to find a safe place to hide.


  • Lou is never mentioned or seen again during the remainder of inFamous.
  • It can be assumed that Lou died when The Beast attacked Empire City.



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