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Below is a list of voice/live action actors appearing in InFamous 2.

Featured Actors Edit

Voice Actor


Eric Ladin 100
Eric Ladin

Cole Macgrath 100
Cole MacGrath

Caleb Moody 100
Caleb Moody

Zeke Dunbar 100
Zeke Dunbar

Dawn Olivieri 100
Dawn Olivieri

Lucy Kuo 100
Lucy Kuo

Nika Futterman 100
Nika Futterman

Nix 100

Graham McTavish 100
Graham McTavish

Bertrand 100
Joseph Bertrand III

Michael Ensign 100
Michael Ensign

Wolfe 100
Dr. Sabastian Wolfe

Jim Meskimen 100
Jim Meskimen

Laroche 100
Rosco Laroche

Phil LaMarr 100
Phil LaMarr

John White 100 2
John White

Ava Gaudet 100
Ava Gaudet

Sara 100

Elizabeth Lambert 100
Elizabeth Lambert

Diane 100
USTV Anchorwoman (live action)

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