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Ionic Drain

Demon Drain
Mission gained: Storm the Fort
Location obtained: Fort Philippe
Attributed to: Napalm
Upgradeable: No
Appears in: inFamous 2
Ionic Drain is an Evil Karma napalm power which lets Cole MacGrath drain the life force from enemies standing around him. This power may be gained from Nix by using the Power Transfer Device with her.

Strangely, Ionic Drain does not require any NPC's to be in its area of effect in order to replenish Cole's energy and health. This could indicate that Ionic Drain does not specifically target the energy from living beings but drains from any nearby energy source, possibly even from the surrounding environment itself.

After using the Ionic Drain on NPC's red mist or red smoke can be seen leaving their bodies.


  • This, along with Ionic Vortex, are the only ionic powers that cannot hurt a boss's health.
  • This power is similar to Bio Leech in the sense that it involves Cole draining the life of somebody in exchange for energy and health. Also if the Bio Leech Overload upgrade is active, use of the Ionic Drain allows Cole to have unlimited energy for a short time.
  • This karma power appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, as Evil Cole's Level 2.
  • This Ionic power acts similar to the Ray Sphere. It drains the energy of all nearby people and adds it to the user.
  • In the evil ending, when the Beast gives Cole his powers, it looks like Cole is using the Ionic Drain.


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