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Ionic Charge

Health Bar
Mission gained: Storm's Coming
Location obtained: New Marais
Attributed to: Ionic Manipulation
Upgradeable: Number of charges
Appears in: inFamous 2

An Ionic Charge is a type of power-up in InFamous 2.


Ionic charges are large concentrations of Ray Field Energy that Cole absorbs in order to preform his ionic powers including: Ionic Vortex, Ionic Freeze, Ionic Drain, and Ionic Storm

Ionic charges are found randomly on defeated enemies and are automatically absorbed by Cole when he gets close enough to them, unless he is already holding as many as he can.

Ionic Charge
Ionic charges are introduced in the mission Storm's Coming, when Cole gains his first ionic power. Initially, Cole can only hold one charge at a time but after completing more side missions it can be upgraded so that he can hold up to three at a time, allowing him to use his ionic powers back to back.

The Ionic Charges are represented by special purple "battery cores" in Cole's in game display meter. They are kept track of by special slots in the center of the ark that represents the Karma meter and as you upgrade it the number of slots increase to three.


  • Ionic Charges can be randomly found on virtually any downed NPC even though it isn't fully explained why some of these characters, like civilians, would have been exposed to Ray Field Energy. However, this could be explained by effects of the Ray Field Plague, but this is only conjecture.



InFamous 2

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