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Ice Soldier Ally

Ice Ally
The second level of the ally's mutation
Full Name: Unknown
Alias/es: Ice Soldier Ally
Affiliation/s: Cole MacGrath
Occupation/s: Conduit
Gender: Male
Current status: Deceased (Good Karma)
Voiced by: Unknown
Appears in: inFamous 2

An unknown Conduit who was only referred to as the Ice Soldier Ally was a former member of the Vermaak 88 unit whom later defected and made an alliance with the Conduit, Cole MacGrath.


Contacting Cole in Flood Town, the Ice Soldier led Cole to a stash of Blast Shard. Eventually mutating into an Ice heavy stage. he continued to work with Cole in saving the police from Corrupted. Subsequently, he mutated to his Titan stage, no longer resembling his former self. He had lost almost all control and simply wanted to use his new powers.

Hence, he rampaged with Cole through warehouses in Gas Works killing any enemies he found, all the while marveling at his new power claiming that he was as strong as Cole. Despite not wanting to hurt innocent people, he eventually lost all control and was no longer the man who worked with Cole in the beginning, hence he attacked any person in sight; however, when Cole MacGrath, Lucy Kuo, and the NMPD confronted him to keep him from hurting innocent people, he desperately informed them that if he was not killed, he would kill everyone else.

After his demise by Cole's, Kuo's and the New Marais Police Department, Lucy Kuo said that despite his insanity, she still believed that he wanted to be stopped before anyone innocent was hurt.


  • During the third mission, he can hurt Cole as much as his enemies.
  • Like with the majority of side-mission characters, Cole does not respond nor talk back to the Ally.
  • In his final mission, after his face shield is broken, his health bar will go down slower than regular Titans, even if one uses precision or grenades.
  • It is possible that this Ice Soldier is Subject 881, the Vermaak 88 member that Dr. Wolfe talked to in two of his dead drops. Since Dr. Wolfe talked to 881 and gave him information that Bertrand wasn't giving the other Vermaak 88 soldiers, and 881 seemed to follow along with Wolfe to a degree. It's possible that this information led to 881 having second thoughts about what Vermaak 88 was doing and caused him to decide to help Cole instead.
    • However, his voice is different, yet has the same accent.
    • It is also worth noting that his voice is the same as the first Ice Heavy that Cole meets while defending Laroche's hideout in the mission The Dunbar Beam. However, this is most likely a developer oversight.

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