Fremont Bridge

IF The Beginning 8
City: Empire City
Status: Destroyed
Appears in: inFamous
"Meet me at the Fremont Bridge! We’ll get Trish and find someplace to hunker down!"
— Zeke arranges to meet Cole after the Ray Sphere explosion.

Fremont Bridge, is one of the main traffic bridges in Empire City that was badly damaged during the Ray Sphere blast.


Before the events of inFAMOUS, the Fremont Bridge linked the Neon District and Historic District, and was the bridge closest to Ground Zero.[1]

The BlastEdit

IF The Beginning 9

Zeke waiting on the bridge.

Despite being close to Ground zero, the bridge remained largely intact shortly after the Blast, despite suffering some structural damage but as Cole MacGrath approached the bridge in an effort to evacuate into the Neon District, another surge of electricity ran through him, making him lose what little control of his power he had to begin with. When powerful bolts of lightning manifested themselves around Cole, Zeke screamed that the terrorists were attacking and calls for Cole to cross the bridge, but the bolts of lightning followed Cole, obliterating the rest of it.

After The BlastEdit

After The Blast, the Bridge became partially submerged by water and due to the city being in lockdown it is not rebuilt. After Cole gains access to the Historic District, Electrical Workers placed power lines across the bridge to help Cole access it.[1]



  • Sucker Punch Productions are based on Fremont Street, Bellevue, Washington.
  • The bridge is destroyed throughout the game, but through the game workers put up wires so Cole can easily cross it.


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