Forward Momentum

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Unlock: Kinetic Pulse
Reward: 500 XP
Side Mission: N/A

Forward Momentum is the 3rd story mission in inFamous 2.


Welcome to New MaraisEdit

Cole Kuo Docks

Cole and Kuo at the docks.

After making his way through the Swamp Blockade Cole waits for Zeke Dunbar and Lucy Kuo to arrive on the "Rosa Lee". Jumping down from the boat, Kuo will either praise or scold Cole for his actions in the swamp, she then contacts Dr. Wolfe and informs him that Cole is with her. Wolfe considers this good news, but then adds his own bad news, the Militia had discovered the Blast Core he had been hiding and have stolen it. Telling Zeke to keep the boat safe, Kuo leads Cole into New Marais to find the core. The pair are soon attacked by a welcoming committee of Militia members, determined not to let the "demon of Empire City" into their town. After the Militia are dealt with, Kuo is contacted by Wolfe, who tells her that the Militia are trying to break into his lab. Kuo then leaves Cole to locate the Blast Core while she goes to help Wolfe.

Finding the first Blast CoreEdit

"So uh...what happened? That old guy slip you a roofie?"
— Zeke commenting on Cole having passed out.[1]

Cole makes his way over the rooftops of the Ville Cochon district, dealing with any Militia troops along the way in his search of the stolen Blast Core. Cole eventually reaches a rooftop swarming with Militia, after defeating them, Cole is able to search the roof and eventually finds the core hidden in a chest. Before collecting it however, Zeke contacts Cole, warning him that someone is being mugged nearby and that he needs to do something about it.

Forward Momentum4

The explosion at Wolfe's lab.

After obtaining the Blast Core, Cole contacts Kuo and Wolfe. Wolfe tries to say something, but is cut off by a massive explosion. Looking across the rooftops Cole can see the smoke bellowing out from Wolfe's lab. Fearing for the worst, Cole rushes over to the site of the explosion and finds Wolfe alive and buried under a piece of what used to be his lab. As he helps the Doctor to his feet, Wolfe exclaims how Cole looks similar to Kessler, something that Cole is reluctant to talk about. Explaining how Kessler had told him about Cole and the Beast- Wolfe shows Cole the Ray Field Inhibitor, explaining that the Ray Field Inhibitor or RFI was the key to defeating the Beast and was an Anti-Ray Sphere. Asking about the recovered Blast Core, Wolfe hypothesized that Cole would be able to expand his powers by absorbing the energy from Blast Cores- something he would need to do in order to fully charge the RFI. Excited at the idea that the core could make him stronger Cole passes an electrical charge through the core, which wraps him in electricity and Ray Field Energy, causing him to passes out.[1]

Waking up to Zeke shooting at the Militia, Cole shakily gets to his feet and asks his friend what had happened. Zeke explains that the Militia had returned and started to "haul you guys away". Kuo was tracking those that had taken Wolfe, but Zeke was more concerned about Cole, even asking if the "old guy" had drugged him. Reassuring his friend Cole mentions that he might have a new power and tests out Kinetic Pulse by throwing the debris of Wolfe's lab around.


  • This mission introduces Karma Opportunities, chances for Cole to do Good Karma or Evil Karma deeds across the city.
  • Sometimes Kuo will never say her first game-play line in this mission, whereas Wolfe will neither.
  • The location Cole gets the first blast core later becomes the Rebel Outpost.
  • This is the only mission in which Cole holds his ear when he uses his phone.
  • While talking to Wolfe on the phone, she states she and Cole would be going to the West Lookout to get the Blast Core, however even without Militia interference, it's unknown how Kuo would have gotten up to the roof with him considering there's no ladder.



Forward Momentum Walkthrough

Forward Momentum Walkthrough


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