"Well, should've said "please"."
Delsin, during his first execution.


Delsin executes the looter
Delsin executing the looter.
Mission gained: Parting of the Ways (requires Evil Karma)
Location obtained: Scully Trail
Attributed to: Smoke, Neon and Video
Upgradeable: Yes
Appears in: inFamous: Second Son

Execute is an evil melee ability of Delsin's. This power requires at least Thug karmic rank.


This power is introduced during Parting of the Ways story mission, after defeating the group of looters in the tunnel. With the last of the looters down, Delsin gets to choose between subduing his final adversary, or executing him. However, if Delsin is on Protector rank, execute option will be replaced by typical melee finisher.

This move allows him to brutally finish off vulnerable or surrendering enemies (Playstation Squ).

Outlook of this ability depends on power, that he is currently using. There are only three variants of executing helpless opponents, since Concrete does not have one.

  • Smoke: Delsin grabs the head of an opponent and ruthlessly pumps energy into it. After releasing it, the body of an enemy heats up and turns into ashes.
  • Neon: Delsin slams opponent to the ground and finishes it with the neon sword. After releasing it, the body of an enemy lights up and explodes.
  • Video: Delsin pierces his digital claws through the body of adversary, defragmenting him in progress.


There is one upgrade for this ability, called Enemy Drain. It becomes available for Delsin after reaching the Most Wanted karmic rank. After purchasing it for 4 Blast Shards, executing enables him to regain energy from his dying enemy.


  • A smoke variant of this power is somehow similar to Cole's Bio Leech power.

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